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The Headphone Are Bragi's Newest, Less Expensive Wireless Earbuds

The new earbuds will launch for $149
September 5, 2016

On Monday, Germany’s Bragi revealed the company’s “big announcement,” which was first teased last week.

The new Headphone (yes, that’s the name) wireless earbuds are similar in size, design, and basic function to Bragi’s the Dash. However, the Headphone is launching at a smaller price.

Like the Dash, the Headphone allows you to take or make phone calls, and activate your phone’s voice assistant. You can also perform basic music streaming playback. However, the Headphone does not offer onboard storage or touch controls like the Dash. Instead, it uses physical buttons.

The Headphone also lacks fitness tracking options and a recharging carrying case.

As Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid explained it to The Verge, “the Headphone is a racing bike, where the Dash is much more like a Formula 1 car.”

Bragi says the Headphone will allow for six hours of use between charges compared to only three for the Dash.

Since it first launched, the Dash has been plagued by Bluetooth connection issues. Bragi promises that those issues have been resolved on the Headphone.

The Dash is priced at $299, while the Headphone is available to preorder for $119. When it launches later this year, the Headphone will retail for $149.