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Purported 'iPhone 7' GeekBench Results Suggest a Massive Speed Jump

Vroom, Vroom
September 5, 2016

With the “iPhone 7” likely to be announced this Wednesday, a purported Geekbench test suggests that the Apple’s upcoming “A10” chip is one hell of an upgrade.

Purported "iPhone 7" Geekbench Results

Purported "iPhone 7" Geekbench Results

The results suggest a massive performance boost with a single-core score of 3379 and a multi-core score of 5495. If these are real, not only is the “iPhone 7” a beast of an upgrade, but it’s about a 33 percent upgrade over its predecessor, the Apple A9.

Combined with the performance boost from iOS 10, this would make the iPhone 7 likely the fastest smartphone in the world.

What’s crazier is that this isn’t even the “iPhone 7 Plus,” which is rumored to have 3GB of RAM as opposed to the 2GB for the 4.7-inch model. KGI reported that A10 would also be a significant jump in performance with a maximum clock speed of 2.4Ghz.

Another interesting observation of the purported screenshot is that it shows the device running iOS 10.1, a version of iOS that has yet to be released, even to developers.

Even if this leak is a fake, I’m inclined to believe that isn’t far off. Imagine how badly it will smoke the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now?

Last Year's iPhone 6S already outperforms Samsung's latest flagship device.