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New App TRYO Makes Online Shopping Fun with Impressive AR Try-On Functionality

November 19, 2022

Online shopping is becoming the norm.

No wonder. Buying shoes, clothes, jewelry, and glasses online is easier, more convenient, and usually much cheaper than doing it in person.

But there’s a problem. You can browse stuff online, but you can’t try it on. That means a huge proportion of what you order through the mail goes right back in the mail.

To put that into numbers, online sales accounted for over a trillion dollars of retail sales in the US last year, and about $218 billion of those sales resulted in returns.

This is great reading for the courier companies. Not so great for you, the retailer, or the planet.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. TRYO is an ingenious new app that lets you try on gear from the comfort of your own home using cutting edge AR technology.

Put simply, TRYO lets you try items on virtually using your smartphone’s camera. It boasts 500 items at launch, from big name companies like Gucci, Adidas, Cartier, and New Era, and every single one of these items is rendered in staggeringly detailed 3D.

Basically, as far as the image on the screen of your smartphone is concerned, you are wearing those shoes, that jumper, that hat, those glasses.

You’ve tried them on. Ordering is just a formality.

TRYO isn’t the first company to use AR in this way. A study by Snap showed that 66% of shoppers who use existing AR tools were less likely to return the items they bought, while 80% of the same shoppers feel more confident with their purchases.

But TRYO ups the ante with its sheer level of polish and the breadth of its functionality. Not only is its AR uncannily convincing, but the app lets you take pictures and share them via text or social media to harvest the all-important opinions of your friends.

According to company co-founder Mike Cadoux, TRYO aims to provide both a fun shopping experience and a revolutionary proof of concept for the entire retail industry.

”[W]e want to show brands how easy it could be to embed a virtual try-on experience into their own websites. It may seem like a daunting task, but we’re able to do it. TRYO shows it can be done.”

To try TRYO for yourself, head to the App Store and download the app for free right now.