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Cooking App Pestle Updated With Ability to Print Recipes and More

April 11, 2022

Originally arriving in late January, Pestle is a perfect companion for a cook of any skill level.

Print and Share Recipes

Print and Share Recipes

The app makes it easy to import recipes from any site, including all of the ingredients and steps.

All of the ingredients can quickly be added to a shopping list. And when it comes time to cook, the app offers a guided cooking experience. It even features SharePlay support.

The app has just been updated with a great new feature.

Recipes in the app can quickly be printed. You can also share a recipe as a PDF, share it as plain text, or even as Markdown.

Link sharing has also been made more reliable.

You can download Pestle now on the App Store for free.

An optional Pestle Pro subscription includes unlimited recipes, cross-device sync, a meal plan option for the next two weeks, and much more.

That’s $9.99 per year or $0.99 per month. You can also unlock a lifetime subscription for $24.99.

Download the app now

Pestle: Kitchen Recipe Manager
Pestle: Kitchen Recipe Manager
Will Bishop