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Apple's iMovie Updated With Storyboards and Magic Movie

April 12, 2022

Apple has just unveiled version 3.0 of iMovie with two big new features.

Quickly Create a Video With Magic Movie

Quickly Create a Video With Magic Movie

First up is Storyboards. That offers a number of pre-made templates for popular video types.
Some of the included options include DIYs, cooking tutorials, product reviews, and science experiments.

When it comes time to put a video together, each Storyboard has a shot lost that helps organize clips to tell a specific narrative.

With Magic Movie, you can create a movie in just a few taps. You’ll select an album, or a group of images, and the feature will automatically find the best parts of the footage and creates the project.

You can also edit the project by rearranging or deleting clips or with further editing

For the iPhone and all iPad models, iMovie is a free download now. Your device will need iOS or iPadOS 15.2 or later.

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