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Pzizz Releases Android App To Help You Sleep

Pzizz Releases Android App To Help You Sleep

June 25, 2011
Pzizz by Pzizz Ltd. (US$4.99) “The World’s Most Advanced Sleep Technology,” is at your fingertips on your Android device. Cure insomnia, reduce stress and feel energized after a nap or a long night of sleep. Over 500,000 people have already used Pzizz worldwide. Up until recently, it has been available on: CD, PC, Mac and MP3 download. Now, Pzizz has created an Android version for you to enjoy enjoy any time of the day or night. There are two different modules, PowerNap, and pzizzSleep. PowerNap allows you to take just a few minutes during the day to relax by playing a unique soundtrack of music and words. This module gives you an opportunity to release the stresses of the day and come back feeling energized.

In the pzzizzSleep module, there is also a soundtrack of music and spoken words, but this time it will guide you into a deep sleep. Wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Many people claim Pzizz has changed their life. They claim their sleep patterns have been changed and they stay asleep much longer now because of this product. The Android Market reviews have come in mixed, but generally people seem to like it. The negative reviews have to do with the functions of the app, so as Pzizz provides updates, I would imagine many of the current complaints would be solved. Probably one of the biggest advantages to trying Pzizz is the fact of that it's 100 percent natural. Often people with sleep issues are put on medications, and then have a tough time getting off of them. This is at least something to try before resorting to medication. The price seems reasonable, considering if you purchased the MP3 download of PowerNap and pzizzSleep separately on the Pzizz website, it would cost $35. At $4.99 the price is a bargain, especially if it helps to reduce or eliminate sleepless nights. Currently Pzizz is available in the Android market. No signs of it yet in the Amazon Android Market.     Check out the pzizz informational video below: <iframe width="540" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>