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It Takes The Right Touch To Fly A HOL9000

It Takes The Right Touch To Fly A HOL9000

June 27, 2011
eBoo - space adventures HD by DeepLineDEV icon

eBoo - space adventures HD ($0.99) by DeepLineDEV will test your piloting skills as you learn to fly a HOL9000 tug ship. You play as eBoo, a bright-eyed green alien, who needs to fly the ship, collect stars, and land safely. Clipping anything results in a rough bump and gradual damage to the ship. The difficulty increases when you need to flip switches, deliver supplies, and dodge enemy fire.

eBoo - space adventures HD by DeepLineDEV screenshot

Directional arrows for up, left, and right show on the screen to direct the ship. You'll need a light touch to avoid steering into obstacles. Another reason for going light on the gas is that your fuel is a limited resource. All the while your instructor, General McClaw, taunts you or provides useless advice.

The graphics and story are great, but there is a steep learning curve when it comes to maneuvering the ship. Luckily you're not thrown into the thick of things and expected to learn on the fly (pun slightly intended). The first ten levels are meant to show you the ropes for how to use the ship and its different capabilities. Just be prepared for numerous restarts.

If your patience lasts the first couple of levels, you'll eventually get a feel for controlling the ship. The effort is worth it.

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