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Google Maps May Be Replaced With Apple’s Own Mapping Software

Google Maps May Be Replaced With Apple’s Own Mapping Software

June 24, 2011
The ever popular Google Maps may not be standard on the new version of iOS 5 for the iPhone. Even though Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, stated that Apple had just renewed their map partnership with Google, there is some evidence that shows Apple may be working on their own mapping software. In the past couple of years, Apple has acquired mapping software companies, Placebace and Poly 9. In addition, Apple has been recruiting applicants who have a background and experience in navigation software. Probably one of the larger pieces of evidence is the legal disclaimer that leaked from iOS 5 under a section called "Map Data." The disclaimer lists quite a number of third parties that provide mapping services to Apple. These companies could certainly help Apple create impressive mapping software. Listed in the disclaimer: TomTom, CoreLogic, DMTI, Urban Mapping, Waze, Getchee, Increment P Corp, Localeze, MapData and Sciences Pty Ltd. Inc. Google was nowhere to be found in this disclaimer. This list also offers a glimpse into some of the other rumors regarding the new iPhone, such as Getchee. This company provides location and market data for China, India and Southeast Asia. This may confirm the rumors pointing towards the iPhone making an entrance in China since Apple’s COO Steve Cook's recent visit. Urban Mapping and Waze may have some useful tools that will make Apple’s software top notch. Urban Mapping provides in-depth information about different neighborhoods such as: demographics, crime, schools and other economic indicators. Waze provides realtime traffic data.

Like anything else that leaks prior to the actual release of a product, we will not know for sure until the new iPhone is announced. There is a chance none of this will be used on the iPhone 5 and users will still be stuck with Google Maps until the iPhone 6 or beyond. Please Apple, whatever you do, let it have turn-by-turn spoken navigation!     Sources: Macrumors, ZDNet  

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