Sweyla.com back up

Our web hosting company experienced a major crash last week, wiping our server and their backups. It's finally back up, with a few news articles missing.

Icon Maker 1.2

The latest version of Icon Maker just hit the App Store. It is quite a big update with many new features, including:

  • Add text elements to icons
  • Copy/paste foreign media into Icon Maker (png, jpeg, pdf, Branch Designer, etc.)
  • Preview and export iOS tab bar icons
  • Retina support
  • Create non-square buttons
  • And more
We are also pleased to present an update to Branch Designer, making it support Retina display.

Check them out in the App Store:

Circuit Coder 1.0.1

An update for Circuit Coder has been released. It fixes a few urgent bugs, namely

  • Fixed test cases in levels Commands 1 & 2.
  • Fixed description text bug that appeared on old devices.
  • More minor fixes.

Moreoever, it also featured a few behind-the-scenes updates that will make it easier to add and change levels.

Circuit Coder

We are proud to present our first iOS app: Circuit Coder

It is a puzzle game about building digital circuits. It is a very challenging game and is aimed at programmers, engineers and computer scientists who either want to learn more about circuit theory, or simply want a really challenging game.

We created the game because we didn't like the fact that we couldn't program on the iPad. We love programming and do it recreationally; this is why we created Circuit Coder. Finally we can do a form of programming when we're on our devices, and so can you.

The app's icon was of course created in Icon Maker. The glow was added in a graphics editing program.

Color Theme Generator redesign

Our first project, the Color Theme Generator, has just moved and got a new design in the process. It still gets a solid traffic flow, so I felt the need to renew it some.

In case you're new to this project, it automatically generates syntax highlighting themes for source code editors such as TextMate, Emacs and Vim.

Texture Packer for cocos2d

I created a very basic, but open-source (which I failed to find), texture packer for cocos2d. It's written in Python and has so far only basic functionality. It will need a better algorithm pretty soon.

There are some software out there where a license costs, so I felt there should be an open-source one, where you can add functionality as you need it. To do this, just fork it at github.

Icon Maker 1.1

Icon Maker 1.1 was released a week ago, now featuring the ability to make your own icon logos inside a built-in vector editor. This makes Icon Maker a lot more powerful and we really want to get the word out, so we're offering a 50% discount, making it only $4.99, until July 10th.

We also put together a 2-minute introductory screencast:

Branch Designer

Our latest app Branch Designer was released a few days ago, and the response so far has been very positive.

Branch Designer helps designers generate branch structures, such as trees, vines and flowers. A task that traditionally is quite tedious becomes quick, easy and fun with the Branch Designer.

It's hard to explain, so I suggest checking out our 2-minute screencast to see how it works.

Campaign price: $9.99 (50% OFF) until June 10!

Icon Maker

We just got our first Mac application on the App Store: Icon Maker

Icon Maker will design icon styles for you by randomly combining layers and effects. We say randomly, but the process is dictated by very carefully tuned heuristics, in order to weed out sure-to-miss designs and increase the success rate.

It comes with 200 general-purpose icon logos. The ability to design your own logos will be added in a future update. Icon Maker is only $9.99 and can be found in the App Store.

Free icon set

To promote Icons by Sweyla, we are releasing a set of 100 icons completely free. We don't even require a back link, but it's always nice if you like the icons.

Link: Icons by Sweyla - Free icon set

Another, even bigger, Sweyla project is in the works and we will probably release an alpha version of it quite soon, so check back for that.